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We value our investor relationships. An application is required to make sure that you are the best fit for the companies that we refer which are seeking funding.  Through our network we have over 300 quality companies world wide which have passed our standards as being investable. To gain access to our database you are required to sign up for an account in our system and esign our NDA to receive information from our companies.  All of the companies that we work with are clear about our process and are collaborating with us on how we navigate the creation of investment opportunities for them.

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Development Design sorts through and vets every deal that comes to us. We only release opportunities that are approved as viable, profitable, and up to our high standards. Pure Capitalism / Prioritize Profits - If your priority is Pure Capitalism, we will send you everything that fits the remaining criteria that you select below. Impact Investment / Conscious Capitalism - If you would only like to receive opportunities that make great profits and also make a positive impact on the world, society, environment, please select the Impact Investment option.
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