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Web Development, Ecommerce, Apps, Software, Conversion, Executive Advising, Operations, Sales, Finance, Training, Culture, Sourcing, Trade, Commodities, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Testing, Branding, Marketing, Advertising, PR.

We Support Businesses that Make the World Better
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We Make Million Dollar Impacts Businesses

Activate Your Business & the Future.
Development Design will Help Your Organization Achieve Growth.

Business Consultants have deep wisdom and experience for any business problem.  Access to advisors will save you significant time and money in your growth process.

Founding  |  Planning  |  Operational Systems  |  SOPs  |  Product Development  Business Models  |  KPIs  |  Financial Modeling  |  Sales Team Development  
SaaS Strategies  |  Manufacturing  |  Sourcing  |  Distribution  |  Import/Export  Marketing  |  Branding  |  Advertising  |  Lead Generation  |  Click Funnels  Partnerships  |  Investor Relations  |  Government Regulations  |  Compliance

Business Development Services ensure that your company is able to grow and scale so that you can move forward on your mission.

Web Development  |  App Creation  |  Software Development  |  IT Support
Business Operating Systems  |  ERP  |  CRM  |  PM  |  Accounting Systems
Branding  |  Graphics  |  Copywriting  |  Advertising  |  PR  |  Sales Materials

System Architecture  |  Data Analytics  |  RPA  |  AI  |  Machine Learning

Sales is the Life Force of every organization.  Everything in successful business is designed to create sales.  Making sure that your organization has the best chance to make sales is always worth the investment. 

  • Sales Consulting & Engineering
  • Sales Best Practices & SOPs
  • Sales Organization Systems
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Team Development & Training

Gain access to our Global Network of resources for product development, manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain management, shipping, logistics, import, export, and distribution. 

Engineers - Electrical, Mechanical, Medical, Chemical, Industrial Processing, AgTech, 3D Modeling, Computer Science, Software, IoT, Blockchain
Global Factory Network
- Digital Screens & Technology, Computer Hardware, Medical Labs, Ag Processing, PPE, Food & Wellness, Body Care, Makeup & Fragrance, and Energy & Mineral Refineries. 
Sourcing - We have a global raw materials & commodities supply chain network.  Anything from precious metals to specialized polymers to all forms of energy to bulk ag, minerals, or fertilizers. We even have a huge global network of farms available for customized contract farming if you have specific needs of your product.

Our passion is centered around innovation and the creation of the future.  New Businesses are essential impactful sources of opportunity.  We will always support the growth of businesses that help to create the best future.

Startup Consulting  |  Virtual Startup Accelerator  |  Business Law Resources
Operations  |  Product Development  |  Manufacturing  |  Financial Models 
Branding  |  Web Development |  Technology  |  Go-To-Market Strategies
Sales Development  |  Pitch Decks  |  Investment  |  Strategic Partnerships  Inventor or Business Idea Proofing  |  Patent Support  |  Test Products

Our investment opportunities have been evaluated as quality and are in alignment with our ethos for conscious capitalism.  This is our service to the future of the world and to create good business.


*Development Design does not have an SEC license and does not make commissions for providing information.

Trading of Commodities and Goods is essential for all Business.
We have been blessed with the experience and network which grants us the ability to facilitate global commodities and goods trading for our buyers and sellers.   We even help with bulk sourcing of discounted cryptocurrencies.


Do you have an opportunity for partnership and collaboration? Would you like someone from our network to contribute toward your development?



Business Consulting for Optimize Performance & Maximizing Your Opportunities

All of our solutions are geared toward optimizing your efficiency so that your business has everything that it needs to achieve your goals. Our team will do everything in our power to make sure that your KPIs are achieved.

Profit Centered Strategies
Revenue and efficiency are top priority. We are designed to support investors & businesses investing in themselves.
Operational KPIs
Achieving your desired accomplishments is the path which leads to our shared success. Work with us and we will win together.
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Next-Generation Websites, Software, Platforms & Applications

Development Design is ready to help your company effectively reach it's goals of creating the solutions that it needs to grow.

Premium & Economical Technology Services
We have solutions for every project and every budget.
Agile Development, Strong Security & Internationalization
Build new systems to create money and increased functionality.

All Encompassing Integrated Business Systems

By specializing in all areas of Business Development, our team is collectively built to help your company work better together. We make sure that all parties in your business, including your employees and vendors, collaborate as efficiently as required.

Integrated Systems
Ensuring that all of your projects, systems and teams are working together seamlessly is paramount to the highest potential for operational performance.
Unified System Development
The benefits of having a single firm coordinate the creation of an all encompassing business system allows for great advantages over bolting on solutions piece by pieces
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Develop your Sales Force with Strategic Guidance & Functional Systems

Our sales consulting team uses decades of sales training, sales development and data analytics to ensures that our efforts have the strongest impact possible.

Sales Team Development, Systems, Training & Sales Management
Do you have great products but need help scaling your sales efforts? Contact us.
Establish a Strong and Powerful Sales Organization
We start by securing the core fundamentals. If we need to add sales infrastructure, created sales materials and train people we will. It is essential to unify the team.
Increase, Track and Forecast Sales Team Efficiency
Next, we will adaptively guide the growth of the sales team. Forecasting and tracking grant us assurance that we are taking the best path for coordinated expansion.
Partners, Referrals, SEO, Click Funnel & Ad Buying Solutions
We will explore every avenue to optimize bringing in new business.

Steps to Successful Service Delivery

Consultation & Planning
Consultation & Planning
Our customer success team will interview your organization to find all of the pain and growth points that need to be addressed. We will then set forward a path to success for our development team.
Development & Review
Development & Review
Our firm has been creating top level systems and solutions for over 10 years. We take great care in selecting, training and encouraging our team members to excel at their craft in any situation.
Successful Deployment
Successful Deployment
Deployment is the ultimate focus for the success of your company. The launch of our services into your business is where you begin to clearly see the impact and return on investment.
Exclusive Features

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